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How to Protect Your Eyes from Sun Damage / Sun Protection before the Summer Hits

Most people know that UV light can be extremely damaging to their skin. However, many realize that the harmful effects of the sun can be just as damaging to our eyes, and protecting them is as important as applying adequate sunscreen to keep your skin safe. This is particularly true since the levels of UV radiation reaching the earth’s surface are higher than ever.

Contact Lens Health Starts with You

More than 40 million Americans use contact lenses on a regular basis. When you first start wearing contact lenses, your provider will talk to you about the importance of healthy contact lens hygiene habits and why they are so important. However, after years of wearing them, it can be easy to slip into bad habits. It’s never too soon for a reminder of how to best care for your eyes when you regularly wear contact lenses.

Denney Vision's Procedures and Policies Update

To ensure patient and staff safety and health during the month of May, Denney Vision has made changes to its procedures and policies.

Optometry Versus Ophthalmology: What’s the Difference?

​Ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians all play an integral role in eye and vision care. While they often work...

Acanthamoeba Keratitis

Acanthamoeba keratitis is a relatively rare type of eye infection, but it can become quite serious.

Bifocals & Multifocals

If you find yourself struggling to see both at far distances and nearby reading materials, then it may be time to consider bifocals. Your eye care provider and the trained optometry...

Signs and Symptoms Checklist

Vision therapy, which is also known as vision training or visual training, is an individualized treatment program that can help identify and correct perceptual-cognitive...

Itchy Eyes and Contact Lenses: What to Do When the Itch Won’t Stop

Do your contact lenses spend more time in their case than in your eyes? Itching and redness, common complaints among contact lens wearers, can make it difficult to wear the lenses for more than an hour or two.

Getting Used to Contacts

Contacts are a smart choice for individuals who are active and dislike the feeling of wearing glasses. However, the process of caring for contacts and getting used to them can take a week or two.

Strabismus Causes and Treatment

In order for your eyes to focus normally, six muscles around each eye must work together. When your two eyes see different images, your brain tends to favor the stronger eye.

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