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Call Center Clerk

About the Position

A Call Center Clerk is a liaison between our company and its current and potential customers. The Call Center Clerk accepts ownership for effectively solving customer issues, complaints and inquiries; keeping customer satisfaction at the core of every decision and behavior.

Primary duties:
  • Manage large amounts of inbound and outbound calls in a timely manner

  • Follow communication “scripts” when handling different topics

  • Identify customers’ needs, clarifying information, research every issue and providing solutions

  • Seize opportunities to upsell products when they arise

  • Build sustainable relationships and engage customers by taking the extra mile

  • Keep records of all conversations in our call center database in a comprehensible way

  • Meet personal/team qualitative and quantitative targets

Secondary Duties:
  • General office duties

  • Maintain cleanliness as assigned by supervisor

  • All other duties as assigned

Intellectual Competencies:
  • Must have the ability to acquire understanding and absorb new information (a quick study).

  • Must have the ability to analyze data from various sources and draw reasonable conclusion.

  • Must have sound judgment/decision making ability, must be able to apply consistent logic, rationality and objectivity in decision-making.

Personal Competencies:
  • Must have the ability to maintain confidentiality and display ethical behavior in all business dealing; ability to be trusted by peers, clients and other; puts honestly and integrity above self.

  • Must have the ability to plan, organize, schedule work in efficient and productive manner.

  • Must have the ability to focus on key priority, juggles multiple projects, and manages time effectively.

  • Must have the ability to work independently of others without significant supervisory oversight or co-worker involvement.

  • Must have the ability to maintain poise and composure under heavy pressure from clients, supervisors and/or company officers.

  • Must have the ability to adapt and adjust quickly to changing priorities or work demands without adverse impact on performance or team dynamics.

Interpersonal Competencies:
  • Must have the ability to display appropriate demeanor, dialogue, interaction and attire when dealing with clients and/or co-worker

  • Must have the ability to personify and/or exhibit compassion, sensitivity, warmth, friendliness and trustworthiness.

  • Must have the ability to work in a team setting and establish collaborative peer relationship.

  • Must have the ability to communicate effectively in both written and verbal communication.

  • Must have the ability to listen, comprehend directives, inquiries and/or comments, and decipher intent and meaning.

Motivational Competencies:
  • Must have the ability to exhibit high levels of energy, a strong desire to achieve, and appropriately high dedication.

  • Must have the ability to exhibit a can-do attitude.

Physical Demands:
  • Occasional lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling up to 20 lbs (+-30%) of the time

  • Occasional standing/walking/climbing (+-20%) of the time

  • Sitting in a normal position for an extended time (+-80%) of the time

  • Occasional reaching/handling/feeling (+-70%) of the time

  • Frequent use of finger dexterity (+-70%) of the time

  • Ideal candidate should have high school diploma/GED.

  • Previous experience in a customer support role

Computer Skills:
  • Proficient with MS Word and MS Excel

  • Working knowledge of office devices and processes

  • Familiarity with CRM systems and practices

Other Skills/Ability:
  • Ability to multi-task.

  • Strong phone and verbal communication skills along with active listening

Apply for this Job

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