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Lab Technician

About the Position

The Lab Technician oversees the operations of the lab ensuring quality and same day service standards are met. The Lab Technician operates all lab machinery to fabricate quality eyewear that conforms to Company standards and tolerances, and perform machine maintenance and assist in dispensing and troubleshooting eyewear while maintaining the highest level of customer service.

Primary duties:
  • Identify and work with basic optical laboratory equipment, tools, supplies, and materials.

  • Consistently adhere to hourly deadlines for finishing jobs.

  • Sort lenses and match to patient’s tray.

  • Edge lenses.

  • Fit lenses into frames.

  • Inspect completed jobs for accuracy.

  • Assist in ordering new jobs with our surfacing lab.

  • Order lenses with stock lab.

  • Maintain internal lens inventory levels.

  • Troubleshoot eyewear for quality.

  • Maintain the lab area and equipment in a safe and organized manner.

Secondary Duties:
  • Cleaning as assigned by supervisor.

  • All other duties as assigned.

Intellectual Competencies:
  • Must have the ability to acquire understanding and absorb new information (a quick study).

  • Must have the ability to analyze data from various sources and draw reasonable conclusion.

  • Must have sound judgment/decision making ability, must be able to apply consistent logic, rationality and objectivity in decision-making.

  • Must have the ability to be pragmatic and be ale to generate realistic and practical solutions to a problem.

Personal Competencies:
  • Must have the ability to maintain confidentiality and display ethical behavior in all business dealing; ability to be trusted by peers, clients and other; puts honestly and integrity above self.

  • Must have the ability to plan, organize, schedule work in efficient and productive manner. Ability to focus on key priority, juggles multiple projects, and manages time effectively.

  • Must have the ability to work independently of others without significant supervisory oversight or co-worker involvement.

  • Must have the ability to maintain poise and composure under heavy pressure from clients, supervisors and/or company officers.

  • Must have the ability to adapt and adjust quickly to changing priorities or work demands without adverse impact on performance or team dynamics.

Interpersonal Competencies:
  • Must have the ability to display appropriate demeanor, dialogue, interaction and attire when dealing with clients and/or co-worker

  • Must have the ability to personify and/or exhibit compassion, sensitivity, warmth, friendliness and trustworthiness.

  • Must be client orientated and driven by satisfaction.

  • Must have the ability to work in a team setting and establish collaborative peer relationship.

  • Must have the ability to communicate effectively in both written and verbal communication.

  • Must have the ability to listen, comprehend directives, inquiries and/or comments, and decipher intent and meaning.

Motivational Competencies:
  • Must have the ability to exhibit high levels of energy, a strong desire to achieve, and appropriately high dedication.

  • Must have the ability to exhibit a can-do attitude.

Physical Demands:
  • Occasional lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling up to 45 lbs (+-30%) of the time

  • Occasional standing/walking/climbing (+-50%) of the time

  • Sitting in a normal position for an extended time (+-50%) of the time

  • Occasional reaching/handling/feeling (+-70%) of the time

  • Frequent use of finger dexterity (+-70%) of the time

  • Ideal candidate should have high school diploma/GED.

  • Laboratory: 1 year (required).

Computer Skills:
  • Proficient with keyboarding and ability to enter notes efficiently and accurately.

Other Skills/Ability:
  • Ability to multi-task

  • Excellent time management, organizational, and planning skills with ability to work independently

  • Strong attention to detail

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